Pleine Lune : the Edwige Guillon's gallery


Why Pleine Lune?

A glimpse to the workshop having that name. Some ones remember it!

The story

In 1976-77, Renée-Martine Crappier and Edwige Guillon participate to an exhibition.
They became friends and decide to open a commun workshop, opened to visitors, and to friends' exhibitions.
Pleine Lune opens in may 1979. It is located in the Old le Mans, between the Queen Berengere's Museum and the cathedral.

The exhibitions

End of 1979, MUSIC :
- exhibition on this theme, with half a dozen of artist whose Robert Malaval
- Marquis de Sade and Ogi's concert within the theatre
- Live from Pleine Lune, a France Inter well known broadcast : Higelin presents his LP “Champagne”.

June 1980 “Le Temps Perdu” gathered some artists and writers :
- artists' exhibition (Thérèse Angebeau, Claire Cotterau, P’tit Louis Delaporte, P-Y Robin & Guy Autréau...)
- animations by tellers, singers ( Jean-Paul Berthet, Christian Poslaniec, Edith Jacqueneaux)

In 1982, eachone of them has built a large workshop at oneself place, and needs to recentrate on his own creation. Pleine Lune closes .